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Parent-Child Guitar Group Class (4 - 7 y.o.) - Beginner - Not Offering in Fall 2017. Please come back and check for spring availability 

Learning with parents is a fun way to learn guitar. Aspiring young guitarists will learn all the basic guitar techniques, note-reading, counting, and ensemble playing in this class. Parents will expect to learn some simple accompanying techniques in order to play with the children. Class meet once a week and it is required that the same parent/guidance attend with the same child through the whole course. Parent and student will need to bring their own guitars to the class. Guitars can be rented at EKS Music School during the session. Foot stool ($15) is required for class and can be purchased at the school.

Class size: 2-4 pairs of student/parent (maximum)

Tuition: $360 per student/parent (per semester 16 weeks). 

​Registration: $30

Guitar Rental: $60/ session/ guitar, limited availability. Student and parent will need a music stand ($20) and their own footstools ($15 each). All accessories can be purchased at the school.


2017-2018 FALL guitar group class (16 classes)

September 16, 2017 - January 26, 2018

​​​​Guitar Class (5 - 9 y.o) - Beginner

This course sim to aspire young guitarist will learn all the basic guitar techniques, note-reading, counting, and ensemble playing spread over two 16-week sessions.  Each following session will build upon the previous sessions.  Students are expected to do homework and practice daily.  Towards the end of each session the students will be given assessment to measure and reinforce the comprehension of the materials addressed in class. Student performances at the end and a certificate with a report of the student's overall performance will confirm every successful completed session.

Class size: 3-5 students (maximum)

Tuition: $350 per semester (16 weeks)

Registration $30

Guitar Rental: $60/semester, limited availability. Student will need a music stand ($20) and a footstool ($15).  All accessories can be purchased at the school.


Session FGF17-A (Age 5-9) Friday 5:00-5:45p.m.