​​​​​​Voice Class

​​​​​Violin Class

2017-2018 FALL violin class (16 classes)

September 16, 2017 to January 26, 2018

EKS Music School

Quincy . MA   ●  1.617.770.7677

Violin Class (5-9y.o.) - Beginner

This class provides a group atmosphere for the students to learn from each other from the beginning. Throughout the well-planed 16-week curriculum, students are
knotted to develop proper care and maintenance of their instruments and bows, great sound production, different bowing techniques and strokes, aural skills and music theory, discipline and efficient practicing tools. Meanwhile, creativity and musical interpretation are also encouraged to calculated. Certificates and performances at the end of each session are guaranteed to move forward to the next level. Student will need their own violin for class. Violin rental can be arranged at the school.

Class size: 3-5 students (maximum)

Tuition: $350 per semester (16 weeks) 

Registration fee: $30

Rental: Violin can be rental at Weller Instruments at approximately $30/month.


Session VNF15-A (Age 5-9) Wednesday 5-5:45p.m.