​​​​​Voice Class

​​​​Violin Class

Singing in Musical Theatre (5-10y.o.)

Singing, is a form of musical expression helps children to develop self-confidence. Having voice instruction at an early age
encourages children healthy vocal use in singing and speech. Proper posture, breathing technique, ear training, vocal exercises and basic music theory are introduced in the class. Children will have the fun listening to each other and singing age appropriated song such as repertoires from the Sound of Music, Mary Poppins and works by Rogers and Hammerstein. There will be a class presentation at the end of the session and parents are invited to attend.

​Class size: 3-6 students (max)
Tuition: $350 per semester (16 weeks). Registration fee $30.


  • ​Session SMTF16-A (Age 5-10) Wednesday: 4:15-5:00p.m.
  • ​Session SMTF16-B (Age 5-10) Friday: 4:45-5:30p.m.

2017-18 FALL voice group class (16 Classes)

September 16, 2017-January 26, 2018

EKS Music School

Quincy . MA   ●  1.617.770.7677