Preschool M.I.C Music, Improvisation and Creativity (3-6y.o.)

Improvisation for children is an innate ability. 
This class support, encourage and guide children to keep and develop that ability through music and at the same time it will introduce kids to early music concepts and the sounds of the instruments. 
We will work with music based improvisation games using voice, percussion instruments, body and everyday materials to allow them to become familiar with the idea of creating “in-the-moment”.
Through the elements of rhythm, tempo, dynamics and timber, students create the sounds of the characters and the soundscape to accompany a story, transforming a drawing into a music piece and viva verse. 
This class helps students to develop their awareness of creativity and imagination, and develop the confidence to share and interact with each other with a freedom of expression.

Class size: 3-8 students(max)
Tuition: $360 per semester (16 weeks) /
Session MIA15-A (Age 3-4) Tuesday 4:00-4:45p.m.

Session MIA15-B (Age 5-6) Tuesday 4:45-5:30p.m.

M.I.A. Class with Ms. Andria

​​​​Violin Class

​​​​​Voice Class

2016-17 FALL M.I.A. (Music, Improvisation & Creativity) Group class

September 20, 2016 to January 26, 2017

EKS Music School

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